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I put this on Facebook and thought it was worth sharing here:

A few people have asked me my thoughts on [Maleficent], which Zoe [my 10 year old] and I went to see (in 2-D) [opening] night.

First off, I am a huge fan of Sleeping Beauty [particularly the animation style] and Maleficent is my favorite Disney villain (her plan actually succeeds). This movie was amazing. Angelina Jolie was incredible, particularly in the scene when Maleficent wakes to realize her wings are gone (not a spoiler; it’s in the trailer) and in the pivotal scene when she visits Aurora’s chamber after the curse has taken affect. I haven’t ugly-cried like that at a movie since Toy Story 3.

And there are funny parts, quotable dialogue, fun CGI, inexplicable Scottish accents, action, and a couple of dragons. Go see it if you have the slightest interest at all. And in terms of message, if you enjoyed Frozen, you will like Maleficent.
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I like Batman. I’ve liked Batman for a long time, since I was a kid. My favorite Batman is Will Arnett’s LEGO Batman. He’s dark and brooding, has a low growl, transforms into a believable Bruce Wayne, writes his own music, does the right thing (alone), and he’s funny (“first try”).

My favorite Batman comic is a pretty standard choice: The Long Halloween. I finished that and wanted to flip back to page one immediately. Probably why I liked The Dark Knight as much as I did (well that and Heath Ledger’s Joker). I’m not a shipper but I would ship Batman w/ WW. We’ll get to her in time.

That’s today’s geekiness. Or this week’s. Or this month’s. I haven’t decided how often I’ll do this.